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Do you want to start your own business or improve your existing business? Then the biznessmaker is exactly what you need! The biznessmaker is not only a CRM, it offers everything you need for your online or offline business; e-commerce, subscription, booking system functions and much more. Write invoices, manage your customers or sell your products online with just one click. Communicate with your employees via biznessmaker. The biznessmaker is the platform to support you in the online and offline sales business.

The advantages of a CRM software solution for your own business

If you sell products or services on the Internet, you will face a lot of competition. Because the Internet offers some companies and dealers the opportunity to bring their products to the customer.

If a customer has consciously decided for your product or service, then the purchase should be as simple as possible. These interfaces are summarized also under the term of the Customer Relationship management briefly CRM.

In order to make the purchase as smooth as possible, a software solution is the obvious choice. But what functions can a SaaS solution provide?

biznessmaker briefly introduced

With software like biznessmaker your complete online or offline business can be managed and improved. This includes the ability to create customer databases. If a customer has decided to buy in your online shop (shopping-widgets see below), you can lure them back to your website with an advertising offer.

If you have several employees in your shop, then communication is an important instrument to ensure that tasks are processed quickly. With the biznessmaker you can communicate with your employees in a very efficient way and the workflow will improve noticeably.

An important task in the administration of a business is the writing of invoices. After all, the bookkeeping should be comprehensible for the tax office and it is also important for your company that you always keep the overview.

With the biznessmaker you can write invoices online and send them to your customers. This reduces the need for paper and the process can be completely automated. With one click the customer buys a product and receives the confirmation email and the invoice without you having to do anything yourself.

Thanks to such a comprehensive CRM software solution, you save a lot of work that you can use elsewhere in the company.

The Shopping Widget

Visitors do not always get to your website with the intention of buying something. You may only want to look around your homepage because you have published an interesting article or because visitors were simply curious.

Now you should offer as simple a possibility as possible, so that these rather "accidental" visitors nevertheless become buyers. Shopping widgets can be automatically integrated into any page of your online presence. This works as easy as adding the Facebook Like button. Instead of the Like button, however, a product or service is advertised. The biznessmaker offers the easiest way to integrate a complete checkout into any website.

Especially the sidebar of your website is a good place where such shopping widgets work well and lead to an increase in sales. Because once the visitors have a look around your website, there is obviously an interest in your products. By including the widgets, product information is placed directly from the biznessmaker on your website and offered for sale. This makes an online shop software superfluous.

With such a comprehensive software solution, with which you can write invoices online and offer a complete online shop functionality, you not only save a lot of work, but also increase the sales figures.