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Sell and manage your articles online with the biznessmaker.


Get your invoices paid online.


Write and send invoices from any device, whether PC, tablet or smartphone

Booking system

Rent out your articles online. The biznessmaker booking system makes it easier than ever.

Widgets for your website

Sell or rent out your products or offer subscriptions on your website, with just a few clicks ...

Sell or rent out your products or offer subscriptions,
all this on your website.

You want to sell a product on your website quickly - no problem. The website widgets make this possible with just a few clicks. Just embed the biznessmaker code snippet on your website and you will benefit from the widgets' functions on your website.

Everything you need - all in one software.

New feature

PDF designer

Create your individual PDF layout for your documents - whether for invoices, offers, reminders, delivery notes or credit notes. The PDF Designer allows you to define the look yourself with just a few clicks. It is even possible to design your PDF layout using HTML knowledge.

File manager

Mount your external file systems such as DropBox, WebDAV, FTP, SFTP, or AWS You can have your created documents (e.g. invoices) automatically saved there. Sharing files between employees has never been easier. Access your files directly from on the road.


Writing documents (invoices, recurring invoices, offers, credit notes, delivery notes, reminders) has never been more convenient. You can even create placeholders or even queries in the templates.


Customer Relationship Management

All customer communication is automatically stored in the customer profile - whether purchases, time entries or written e-mails.

Voice over IP

Video and audio chat

Quickly ask a question to your work colleague while you are writing an invoice? Then simply call him or her with the integrated WebRTC Video & Audio Chat function. It is also possible to have conversations with several users at the same time.

Soon available: Embedding your IP phone.

E-mail dispatch

Writing and sending e-mails (via SMTP)

Send e-mails via the biznessmaker with your own e-mail address. All e-mails you write are stored directly in the customer master data record. So no communication will be lost anymore.

Time tracking

Have the times of your employees recorded.

With time recording you can record your work to the minute and bill your customers. For example, you can have an invoice generated automatically from time entries.


The biznessmaker will be extended with new functions every month. We are constantly improving every aspect of our platform. Look forward to new features and optimizations every month. Also you can contribute a part to which functions will be integrated into the biznessmaker next. Because we listen to the wishes of our customers.


biznessmaker - everything you need

With software like the biznessmaker your complete online and/or offline business can be managed and improved. This includes, among other things, that you can create customer databases. If a customer has decided to buy in your online shop (shopping widgets), you can lure him/her to your website again with a promotional offer.

If you have several employees in your store, then online communication is an important tool to ensure that tasks are completed quickly. With the biznessmaker you can communicate with your employees in a very efficient way and the workflow will improve noticeably.

It is even possible to create invoices for every language and country. The biznessmaker interface is currently available in English and German. Other languages will follow successively.

With the biznessmaker you can write invoices online and send them to your customers automatically. With just one click the customer buys a product and receives the confirmation mail and the invoice.

Thanks to such a comprehensive CRM software solution you save a lot of work that you can use elsewhere in your company.

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